On our table

Everything is included in the price
La table d’Hôtes gastronomique.
The gastronomic guest table.

Trained hoteliers, passionate by wine, gastronomy and agriculture, we only use quality products in our kitchen. We will let you enjoy our production, which is elaborate according to the criteria of Organic Agriculture. We collaborate with local producers for the things that we don’t produce at home. des producteurs locaux 

Everything, from the pre-dinner drink to the coffee, is included at our table.  Our menus are made of soup, cold or warm starter, main course and dessert. Everything carefully prepared in our kitchen.

Vous pouvez consulter nos menus, ainsi que nos boissons et gouter à toute our production. You can have a look at our menus and drinks; but you can taste our whole production too.

Our menus

- Some starters

  • Vegetables quiche – foie-gras pie – veal liver – blood sausage (black pudding).
  • Game terrine or homemade country pâté – duck and pork rillettes.
  • Warm goat cheese – salad of confit of duck gizzard – foie gras – dried duck breast.

- Some meals from the regio :

  • Duck cassoulet – saffron-flavoured rabit – confit of duck.
  • Coq au vin -  roasted lamb – poultry with lemon.
  • Confit of pork with lentils – young goat with asparagus. 
  • Veal with sauce Basquaise – veal with a crust – pot au feu.

- Some desserts :

  • Fruit tarts (apricots, plums, apples) – homemade sorbets and ice cream
  • Cherries clafoutis – blackberries crumble – nuts cake
  • Ice cream with saffron – crème brûlée with saffron – meringue with hazelnuts from Cancon

In the nearby forest we can find the roe and the wild boar. We prepare a stew which is decorated with some mushrooms from the woods (chanterelles, pied de mouton, trompettes de la mort, etc.), shallot and chestnuts. The fillets are simply stir-fried and blazed and are accompanied by a brown sauce and potatoes from the region of the “Pays Sarlardais”

In winter a stir-fried foie gras with apples or in summer a grilled beef with “Blonde d’Aquitaine” accompanied by a mixed salad. Each season offers its own passing fancy.

Those were some of the dishes that you will have the pleasure to discover. All our recipes are available. We cook for you and we gladly share our respective knowledge.

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Our drinks

Sénéchal Thierry présente les vins à table
Sénéchal Thierry presents the wines around the table

The pre-dinner drinks mainly consist in wine: plain, from nuts, from cherries, from raspberries, with elderberry flower or “pineau”.
You also have some homemade juices and syrups.

 Wines are included and we selected the following ones :

  • la Cave du Marmandais,
  • le Clos du Maine-Chevalier, A.O.C. Bergerac ,
  • Château Cabagna A.B., A.O.C. Bergerac ,
  • Château Tifayne, A.O.C. Côtes de Castillon et Côtes de Francs,
  • Le Moulin de Pezauds, A.O.C. Monbazillac,
  • ...

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Our productions

- Fruits

Since our arrival we have been developing an orchard in which you will find local fruit in the right season (cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, pears, apples, etc.). You will also find those in jam and desserts and of course you will also be allowed to pluck them from the trees and eat them fresh!


The vegetables

Each year, we develop our own vegetable garden. There, we cultivate different vegetables in function of the season. You will enjoy them on your plate. You will discover forgotten vegetables, older varieties and less known types…

- The meat

The poultry, bred in our farm and fed with our organic seeds, are used in several land dishes.

The rabbits born and bred in our farm have a thin and tasty flesh. They are either marinated in wine (AOC Bergerac), stuffed and plainly roasted, or with a sauce (soffron, prunes or cherries).

Come and taste the sweet flavour of lamb (race Noir du Velay) or very young goat. We prepare them braised, grilled or in navarin.

The grazing calf, which is bred by its mother, is prepared in various ways: roasted, grilled, with sauce, etc.

Each year we breed some pigs. In January we produce saucisson, ham, preserve, pâté, rillettes, black pudding, etc.